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Ash has proved himself to be a skilled coach – with training focused on the fitness, speed, sharpness and techniques required of an effective striker. A positive role model who has inspired a quiet teenager to work hard, improve his fitness and develop that fitness specific to his role.



Always approachable and professional, Ash has made this weekly training fun and a highlight of each week. Motivated, resolute and both seeing and enjoying the benefits of this training, we now have a fitter, more determined footballer who has asked to continue this training on a regular basis. 



Ash is an excellent coach and has achieved fantastic results with our son. 



Kevin and Diane Shaw



Ashley spoke with humility, captivating the students with his honesty about critical decisions and priorities that he had made to ensure that he achieved the goals that he had set himself.  He told the story of the key transitions, successes, failures and learning in his journey.


Ash's decisions and the process he has undergone to make them have left our students much the wiser in terms of decisions which they may need to make in the future.  It has also convinced me Ash's thought processes and critical thinking skills are well developed.


Ash has a clear vision of where he is going and what he wants to achieve.  His presentation today was professional, well prepared and excellently delivered.  It will leave a lasting impact.  I can highly recommend Ash for future presentations in teaching or conference situations.  


Janet Vickers

Senior Lecturer Sport Coach and Physical Education

Sheffield Hallam University