Programming for Effective Minimal Dose

@performancecoach_wilmot posted a quality quote on instagram about great coaches being able to makes athletes better with a minimal stimulus. This is vital, especially within competitive periods where ultimately their sport specific performance is most important. As a coach it’s important to minimise unnecessary training loads (TL). Here I’m going to talk about some ways we can do this.

Ultimately we need to shock the body, simply adding additional volume is not the best way to create adaptation within competitive periods. So how can we do it? Here are a few ways:

1️⃣ Change the exercise (sounds stupid but this is one of the easiest ways).

2️⃣ Change the time under tension (TUT) in a specific range, not necessarily overall as this will be increasing training load, unless you reduce sets or reps to balance TL’s. For example using eccentrics or isometrics.

3️⃣ Move loads quicker, for example implementing “speed squats” whereby we move lighter loads as fast as possible leaving reps left in the tank (great way to maintain performance and minimise fatigue in-season).

4️⃣ Use different loading mechanisms such as resistance bands or chains to shock the body while minimising total volume.

5️⃣ Lastly, don’t forget to deload and recover, otherwise adaptation won’t occur. Hitting the same pattern or muscle groups within 2-3 days is only going to create a bigger hole to climb out of and delay adaptation 👎


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