New year resolutions...

It's the "New Year, New Me" time again... Millions of people will be making wishes for the coming year, but how many wishes are transferred into actual goals? Written down, with a time frame, and a plan to achieve them?

Getting fitter or losing weight is probably one of the most common new years resolutions, but simply saying your going to join a gym and lose weight is not going to be enough to achieve the results you've imagined. You need to set some detailed goals and a plan of action to how you are going to achieve it.

Here's my suggestions for achieving your fitness resolutions:

1. What is the end goal? What would you really be happy with? and when are you going to achieve this by? Answering these simple questions will provide you with a target and a time frame to work towards.

2. Now you know when and where you want to end up. Now you need to set some smaller goals along the way, however trying to do everything at once is going to be overwhelming and less sustainable. Therefore, you should pick 1 thing to change each week and slowly progress towards that end goal.

For example this could be increasing your fruit and vegetable intake, or setting yourself a target of 2 fitness sessions in the first week. Setting small achievable goals will help you build momentum, which you can continue to build on each week.

3. Don't expect instant results, it takes time and consistency to create changes in the body. If your aim is to lose weight and you are getting instant results, the diet cannot be sustainable, for example liquid and low calorie diets. As soon as you begin eating real food again, your body will want to store as much as possible as fat. I would always recommend following a balanced real food eating plan, as opposed to main stream marketing diet plans.

4. Lastly, consult a highly qualified and experienced trainer who can help guide you with your training and nutrition, there is a lot of poor quality information advertised on websites and social media which can lead you down the wrong path and potentially cause more harm than good. I would suggest finding someone with a degree in sport and exercise science, who is level 3 personal trainer qualified, REPS accredited, and someone who can provide detailed testimonials of how they have helped their clients achieve results.

If you are interested in finding out more or you are looking for a trainer to guide you visit our services page.


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